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What is Fief?

Fief is an open-source platform to manage users and authentication in your applications. Our goal is to help you manage users and security in a matter of minutes, not days. Key features:

  • Pre-built login and registration pages
  • Users management dashboard
  • SDK for the most popular languages and frameworks
  • Integrations for the most popular no-code tools


Fief is fully open-source and usable for free. You can host it on the server or cloud of your choice!

Project roadmap

Fief is a young project and still has many features to implement and room for improvements!

What we have now?

  • User registration
  • User authentication using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect protocols
  • Social authentication (Google, Facebook...)
  • Email verification
  • Forgot password process
  • Built-in user profile pages for account management
  • Customizable authentication pages
  • Customizable transactional emails
  • Bring your own database
  • Event webhooks
  • Custom user fields
  • Roles and permissions access control
  • Official Docker image for self-hosting
  • Official Python client with FastAPI and Flask integrations
  • Official Node.js Express integration
  • Official Next.js integration
  • Official JavaScript client with browser and React integrations
  • Admin dashboard
  • ID Token encryption support
  • PKCE support

What we'll have in the future?

  • 2FA authentication with authenticator apps and U2F keys
  • User invitation process
  • Custom API scopes
  • User groups management

...and more 🚀

View the project backlog