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Email provider

As you surely now, users management imply a lot of transactional emails, like welcome emails or reset password emails. To be able to send them, Fief needs an email provider.

Currently, Fief supports the following providers:

  • SMTP server.
  • Postmark, one of the leading email delivery service on the market.
  • SendGrid, another highly popular choice for email delivery.

There are two environment variables to configure the email provider: EMAIL_PROVIDER, to set the type of provider and EMAIL_PROVIDER_PARAMS, a configuration dictionary containing required configuration keys.

NULL provider

The NULL provider is the default one if you don't set any. It means that no transactional email will be sent.


SMTP provider

SMTP provider will send transactional emails through the configured SMTP server.

Parameter Description Default
host Hostname of your SMTP server.
username Username to authenticate to your SMTP server. None
password Password to authenticate to your SMTP server. None
port Port of your SMTP server. Typically, 25, 485 or 587. 587
ssl Whether to use SSL/TLS to connect to your SMTP server. True
EMAIL_PROVIDER_PARAMS={"host": "smtp.bretagne.duchy", "username": "anne", "password": "herminetincture"}

Postmark provider

Postmark provider will send transactional emails using Postmark.

Parameter Description Default
server_token Your Postmark Server API token.

SendGrid provider

SendGrid provider will send transactional emails using SendGrid.

Parameter Description Default
api_key Your SendGrid API key.