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To better understand how Fief is used and improve the project, we collect some analytics on your instances.

This data is collected and analyzed on PostHog, on the European data center.

What we collect?

We collect analytics information about:

  • The server:
    • Its version
    • The type of database used (PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite)
    • If it runs on localhost
    • The number of users
  • The admin dashboard:
    • Page views
    • Page clicks interactions
    • Browser language and version

The server will push this data every hour to our analytics.

What we do not collect?

We do not collect:

  • Your self-hosted server host
  • Data about your users
  • Analytics data on the authentication pages (login, register, forgot password...)

Opt-out telemetry

If you don't wish to send analytics data when deploying your Fief server, you can set the environment variable TELEMETRY_ENABLED to False.

Can I see the source code for this?

For sure! The interesting parts for telemetry are: