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To better understand how Fief is used and improve the project, we collect some analytics data both on official Fief instance and self-hosted instances.

This data is collected and analyzed on PostHog, on the European data center.

What we collect?

We collect analytics information about:

  • The server:
    • Its version
    • The type of database used (PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite)
    • If it runs on localhost
  • The workspaces:
    • The server they are created on
    • The number of users
    • If it uses the Bring Your Own Database feature and, if it does, the database type (PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite)
  • The admin dashboard:
    • Associated server and workspace
    • Page views
    • Page clicks interactions
    • Browser language and version

What we do not collect?

We do not collect:

  • Your self-hosted server host
  • Data about your users
  • Analytics data on the authentication pages (login, register, forgot password...)

Opt-out telemetry on self-hosted server

If you don't wish to send analytics data when deploying your Fief server, you can set the environment variable TELEMETRY_ENABLED to False.