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Railway is a modern is a very popular Platform as a Service (PaaS). It allows to quickly host and serve your applications without worrying about server management.

We provide an official template creating all the services you need to run Fief.

Get started

Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Deploy on Railway

You'll be prompted to configure two environment varialbles: FIEF_MAIN_USER_EMAIL and FIEF_MAIN_USER_PASSWORD. Those are the credentials of the first admin user that'll be created on server startup.

Configuration variables on Railway template

After a few minutes, your Fief server will be up-and-running on the default Railway subdomain!

Custom domain

By default, the project will be assigned a default Railway subdomain, like

To add your domain, follow the instructions on Railway documentation:

Redeploy the server and worker afterwards

To make sure Fief correctly takes into account the new domain, it's important to trigger a redeploy on the server and worker process.

Cost estimation

Railway's pricing is based on memory, CPU and network usage. Thus, the pricing will highly vary depending on your workload.

We estimate that for a small or medium sized-instance, the cost should be around 10 and 20 USD per month.