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Fief is a platform that you host for free on your own infrastructure.

In Getting started, we show you a way to easily start your instance locally. However, for production usage, we highly recommend you to perform a complete setup. We provide guides and blueprints to get you started on various hosting technologies and cloud platforms.

Railway Render Docker Compose


Platform Setup Maintenance Cost Rewards Fief financially
Railway Easy Easy Average 🙂1
Render Easy Easy Average 🙁
Docker Compose Medium Medium Cheap 🙁

Not sure ? 🤔

If you're not sure about the way to go, ask us on the GitHub Discussions forum. We're here to help!

  1. Railway rewards us 25% of your spending in the form of platform credits, as part of their Template Kickback program. It doesn't directly finance us, but it helps us to pay some bills, like our GitHub bot.